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In Vitro FertilizationIVF in Thailand
IVF in Thailand
IVF in Thailand

Treatment Programs CEF follows the standard of CFG main clinic in the US,
provide patients in Asia with access to cutting edge reproductive technologies from US.

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  • Assisted
    reproductive services
    Assisted reproductive services
    CEF offers advanced third-generation IVF technology (PGT) and provides infertile patients with high quality personalized diagnosis and treatment services. Embryo culture and sperm/egg freezing procedures are performed in CEF embryo lab, which is built in accordance with the highest US standard to significantly improve success rate of embryo culture.

  • Detection of
    genetic genes
    Detection of genetic genes
    Before embryo transfer, genetic testing can be done with the advanced PGD/NGS/PGS technology on the cells biopsied from blasts to select good embryos to transfer. It can prevent patients with abnormal chromosomes or family history of genetic diseases from passing them on to their children.

  • Egg and
    embryo freezing
    Egg and embryo freezing
    Egg and embryo freezing can help women preserve existing fertility and give birth to healthy babies in the future. Preservation of high-quality eggs or embryos is made possible by freezing technology.

  • Medical
    Medical examination
    Female evaluation:initial consultation, blood test, hormone test, ultrasound and pap smear; male evaluation:blood test and semen analysis.

Target Patients
CEF, as the high-end brand of CFG Group with unparalleled academic excellence, boasts a team of US and Thai IVF experts with double board certifications in both gynecology and reproductive medicine.

CEF Bangkok VS IVF centers in China
CEF Bangkok adopts the state-of-the-art third generation of IVF technology (PGT) and provides patients of all types with tailor-made infertility and gynecological care.

CEF Bangkok IVF centers in China
  • 80% Success
  • Third Generation (PGT) IVF
    The first and Second Generation
  • Legitimacy Genetic
  • Natural Medications Natural
  • Protected by Law Assisted
    Prohibited by law
  • Invest heavily and update quickly Laboratory Import equipment, slow renewal
  • Experienced Doctor
    Need overseas training
  • One on one reservation Environment Crowded and long waiting
CEF Bangkok VS IVF centers in China

CEF Bangkok IVF process
In-house service team providing one stop service.

  • pre-cycle screening
  • Consult with expert
  • Stimulation process
  • Egg and sperm collection
  • Embryo culture
  • Waiting for delivery in China
  • Expert’s advice on having healthy pregnancy
  • Successful pregnancy
  • Pregnancy test on day 12
  • Transfer embryos of good quality
  • PGD/PGS/NGS Screening

Advantages of CEF

CEF Bangkok is a well-known fertility and gynecology center in Bangkok, invested by CEF (California Elite Fertility), which is a high-end brand of the US CFG (the Center for Fertility and Gynecology) Group. Located in the landmark building-CRC Tower in the center of Bangkok, CEF Bangkok is proud to provide patients with cutting-edge reproductive technologies from US and professional medical service in accordance with US standards.

CEF Bangkok, built in accordance with the highest standard of CFG main clinic in US, has put in place a state-of-the-art embryo lab following the highest US standards equipped with standard specimen intelligent security system (bar code system) and cutting-edge frozen egg equipment. Hence, patients in Asia can have access to the advanced technology and professional service from US.

Founded in 1987, CFG has a history of over 34 years and is one of the earliest and largest fertility and gynecology centers in the world. With its main office in Tarzana, CFG has established three branches in the US. CEF is the only high-end medical brand in the world that has established fertility and gynecology centers in China, US and Thailand, including California Elite Fertility Center in Pasadena, CEF Bangkok Fertility and Gynecology Center, CEF Shanghai Pin An Huntington Gynecology Clinic and CEF Beijing VIP Center in China. CEF will continue developing its global network and increasing footprints in future.

  • 4000 +
    babies born with our help
  • 30 +
    years of excellence in gynecology and reproductive care
  • 11
    clinics worldwide

CEF Bangkok has a team of IVF experts with over 20 years’ experience and double board certifications in gynecology and reproductive medicine

Botros RizkMedical Director of CEF

Botros Rizk

Napadon Yaibuates,M.D.Medical Doctor,Medical Director of CEF

Napadon Yaibuates,M.D.

Salinee Khongwut,M.D. Medical Doctor、chief physician of CEF

Salinee Khongwut,M.D.
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CEF Environment CEF Bangkok, built in accordance with the highest standard of CFG main clinic in US, has put in place an advanced embryo lab with highest US standards to ensure that patients in Asia can have easy access to advanced technology and professional service from US.

  • Reception
  • Reception
  • Waiting Room
  • Operation room
  • Operation room
  • Operation room

Patient Cases
CEF boasts a professional medical team with unparalleled academic excellence and has helped patients from over 25 countries.

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