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Is it painful to have egg retrieval in Thailand? Here is real experience from patients who underwent IVF treatment in Thailand.

2020-06-11    219

  “Does the egg retrieval procedure hurt?” Many people are afraid of pain before they choose to have IVF treatment in Thailand. Ms Zhang is going to share her own experience of treatment in CEF Bangkok below.

  I personally am very afraid of pain. I was very nervous before egg retrieval so I chose general anesthesia, after which I had a short sleep. I woke up being told that the retrieval was finished already, which was like a dream to me. The physician in CEF Bangkok told me that the trivial pain from retrieval is tolerable. If the ovaries are far back, or patient is sensitive to pain herself, patient may choose anesthesia.

  Egg retrieval is done via vaginal ultrasound, with the needle going through ovaries to extract follicles with fluid, which will be immediately transferred to laboratory. The personnel in the laboratory will examine those extracted through microscope to identify the eggs, and then transfer the eggs to incubator containing embryonic culture liquid for further culture.


  After eggs are retrieved, the physician will check if there is bleeding in the pelvic cavity and the vaginal wall. Meanwhile, after the embryologist has checked the number of eggs, the nurse will inform patient the number of eggs retrieved on the same day and whether partner’s semen analysis result is normal.

  After the operation, the nurse will use a wheelchair to move me back to the lounge. While the abdomen feels slightly uncomfortable following retrieval, the symptoms will slowly ease on its own. We may leave the clinic after a short rest when we feel without discomfort.

  I was advised by the physician of CEF Bangkok that I should drink more water and empty the bladder more often at home, and come in again for embryo information on day 3 upon retrieval.

  With what’s introduced above, I just want to convince you that the egg retrieval procedure is not as painful as imagined. Take a deep breath, relax and be brave! It will be finished within a blink! I wish everyone good luck on the journey! For more information, please contact the consultants at CEF Bangkok.