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Patients who have experienced IVF at CEF Bangkok share their experience

2020-06-17    341

  My husband and I were born in the 1990s. We have been married for 14 years without pregnancy history. We went to the hospital for physical checkups. The physician suggested that we try IVF treatment as both fallopian tubes were blocked. A friend of ours introduced us to CEF Bangkok and after having some basic knowledge of it, we decided to choose the third generation of IVF technology to help us conceive a baby.

  On choosing a hospital, my requirements are focused on privacy and comfort while we are also looking for good medical experience, high efficiency and success rate, which made us choose Thailand to do IVF. After the video consultation with the physician from CEF Bangkok, we followed his advice and made adjustments to our lifestyle for one month.

  We flied to Thailand for treatment in October 2019, and everything went pretty well. We were satisfied with the lodging and catering. I had a male embryo transferred to my uterus and the embryo took! Today, I am going to share with you my experience regarding the IVF treatment in Thailand.


  1. When it comes to IVF clinic selection, attention should be given to the qualifications and the service team of the clinic as well as its success cases. It’s better to pay an actual visit to their clinic.

  2. The third generation IVF technology is accessible to broad, while it is troublesome to do that in China.

  3. Keep in a good mood and relax, which might enhance the IVF success rate.

  4. Follow on your physician’s advice instead of judgment based on your own experience, and don’t compare your treatment protocol with others since protocol is different to every person.

  5. If you plan to have IVF treatment, do it as soon as possible. I met a lady who is older than me and she had a limited number of antral follicle count, which means her success rate would be very low. Age matters for IVF treatment.

  I hope my experience is helpful to you and wish everyone successful!

  Disclaimer: This resource is from patients’ dictation and edited by CEF Bangkok.