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  • The Third Generation
  • The Second Generation
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The Third Generation of IVF Technology Pre implantation Genetic Testing
Before embryo transfer, genetic testing can be done with the advanced PGD/NGS/PGS technology on the cells biopsied from blasts to select good embryos to transfer. It can prevent patients with abnormal chromosomes or family history of genetic diseases from passing them on to their children.
The Second Generation of IVF Technology Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
In the second generation of IVF treatment, a single sperm is injected into the oocyte plasma by microinjection, so that the sperm and the oocyte are passively combined and fertilized to create embryo. This technology is mainly used for male infertility caused by poor sperm quality. Embryologists need to select the best quality sperm from the limited semen, and then use a special needle to artificially inject the sperm into the egg cell under a microscope.
The First Generation of IVF Technology In Vitro Fertilization-Embryo Transfer
In the first generation of IVF treatment, eggs and sperms are taken out from a couple with fertility problems. Then these sperms will be washed before they are used to fertilize eggs in vitro to make embryos. The embryos will be transplanted into the uterine cavity of the female to achieve pregnancy. In this process, the fertilization of an egg is like fertilization in a natural pregnancy.
This technology is more suitable for female infertility caused by various factors.
Characteristics of the Third Generation of IVF Technology in Thailand
  • 亚洲第一
    No.1 in Asia
    Thailand's IVF success rate ranks first in Asia and is second only to the United States in the world. CEF Bangkok uses the most advanced PGS/PGD/NGS technology from CFG’s main clinic in the US to provide patients with the third-generation of IVF treatment that has higher success rate than the average Thai IVF success rate.
  • 唯一合法
    Embryo Screening is legitimate
    Thailand is among the several countries that can offer legitimate embryo genetic diagnosis, chromosome screening and gender selection. With this advantage, it has become the destination for patients doing IVF from all over the world.
  • 轻松备孕
    Get Pregnant Easily
    With only one passport, you can go to CEF Bangkok to complete the whole IVF process and get one step closer to having your own healthy baby. CEF Bangkok has an in-house service team, which provides one-on-one service throughout the whole process, to make your journey easier.
  • 高效医疗
    Efficient Treatment
    CEF Bangkok, built in accordance with the highest standard of CFG main clinic in US, has put in place an advanced embryo lab ensure that patients in Asia can have easy access to advanced technology and professional service from US.
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CEF Bangkok Environment

CEF Bangkok is a well-known fertility and gynecology center in Bangkok, invested by CEF (California Elite Fertility), which is a high-end brand of the US CFG (the Center for Fertility and Gynecology) Group. Located in the landmark building-CRC Tower in the center of Bangkok, CEF Bangkok is proud to provide patients with cutting-edge reproductive technologies from US and professional medical service in accordance with US standards.

Technological Advantages of CEF Bangkok

CEF Bangkok, built in accordance with the highest standard of CFG main clinic in the US, has put in place a state-of-the-art embryo lab and provides patients of all types with gynecology care and infertility treatment through personalized treatment protocols.

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