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Questions and answers regarding IVF knowledge: Is it ok to take fever medicine during the stimulation cycle?

2020-07-07    194

  Do you have any questions like those along your fertility journey? You are bothered by those questions. Today we invite CEF Thai doctor to answer your questions. May you have a smooth fertility journey.

  1、 Is it ok to take fever medicine during the stimulation cycle?

  CEF Thai doctor: whether you are undergoing stimulation cycle or you are pregnant, if you have serious symptoms such fever, abdomen/throat pain, diarrhea, coughing etc., you should go to see a specialist and let the doctor know you are receiving treatment or are pregnant already. You can ask the doctor to prescribe tests and medicine that won’t harm fertility. And if the fever does not go away, please go to the emergency room for diagnosis and treatment right away. Remember to bring the medical records with you to your next ultrasound appointment so that the attending doctor can make adjustment of the use of subsequent stimulation drugs.


  2. Is it normal to have mild bleeding after tubal angiography?

  CEF Thai Doctor: When doing hysterosalpingography (HSG), 1) a sterilized medical rubber tube is inserted into the uterine cavity through the cervix, 2) liquid is injected to the side of the rubber tube in the uterine cavity. The side sac of the tube is expanded into a spherical shape to ensure that the rubber tube is fixed in the uterine cavity and will not slip off. 3) The contrast agent is injected into the uterine cavity under pressure through the cavity. Whether it is placing a rubber tube or injecting contrast agent, it may cause the local endometrium to bleed. Therefore, it is normal to see a small amount of bloody fluid to flow out of the vagina within 1-2 days after the rest. Please follow the doctor’s instructions strictly to take antibiotics, avoid intercourse and bath so as to avoid infection.

  3. During the down regulation period. Is it ok to treat vaginitis?

  CEF Thai doctor: Not only during the down regulation period but also when you are pregnant, if you have relapse of vaginitis with obvious symptoms, you need to go to the hospital for leucorrhea examination and corresponding treatment. You need to remind the attending doctor to prescribe medication that does not affect the fertility treatment or the health of the fetus.

  4.Hello, I have constipation and it gets worse during IVF stimulation cycle. What medication can I use?

  CEF Thai Doctor: It is important to avoid severe constipation during IVF stimulation cycle and after embryo transfer. 1) Avoid eating indigestible foods such as fried and dairy products, and eat more vegetables and fruits rich in cellulose; 2) Maintain appropriate exercise every day to promote bowel movements; 3) Drink appropriate amount of water every day. If doing the above things does not work, you can prepare drugs such as "Duphalac" and take them according to the instructions.

  5. Hello Doctor, I have completed egg retrieval procedure and want to hold the transfer cycle. I am taking progesterone tablets and have got my period already without finishing all the tablets. My doctor asked me to have 2 tablets daily but I only had one each day. I still have 4 tablets left. Do I need to continue this medicine?

  CEF Thai Doctor: If you don’t start the transfer cycle in the same month, you just need to take oral Duphaston for 7 to 10 days. You can stop the medication once you have your period.

  6. I had blood test on January 8 (Day 14 after fresh embryo transfer). My HCG level was 609. I feel waist and abdominal pain recently. Is that a problem?

  CEF Thai Doctor: I cannot simply say whether there is a problem based on the symptom of occasional waist and abdominal pain. Please let me know whether you have obvious abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding?