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CEF Thailand: These requirements must be met if you want to do IVF cycle in Thailand.

2020-06-30    220

  Many people have embarked on the IVF journey in Thailand for various reasons. But do you know that there are also requirements for patients. Take a look at the following requirements to see whether you are qualified or not.

  According to CEF IVF experts, you need to meet the following requirements in order to do IVF cycle in Thailand.


  1. Both sperm provider and egg providers should avoid bad habits such as being alcoholic or drug addicted.

  2. The woman who suffers from serious physical diseases that is not suitable for childbearing, serious genetic diseases, mental and psychological disorders, etc. cannot undergo IVF treatment.

  3. Any party who provides eggs and sperm cannot undergo IVF treatment if they are exposed to high-intensity radiation, use drugs or poison.

  4. The women whose uterus doesn’t have normal functions cannot undergo IVF treatment. They can seek help from a surrogate mother

  5. Any party providing eggs and sperm should not have acute infections of the reproductive and urinary system or sexually transmitted diseases. Otherwise they don’t qualify to have children.

  Are IVF babies healthy?

  Many infertile couples worry that IVF babies will be "mentally retarded or handicapped" or "abnormal babies". In particular, some previous articles reported that the IQ of IVF babies is lower than that of naturally conceived babies, which concern many infertile couples. According to IVF expert, in fact, with more than 30 years of development, tens of thousands of IVF babies have been born all over the world. And the early IVF babies have also given birth to their own normal babies. Some large follow-up medical investigations and studies have confirmed that there is no significant difference between IVF babies and naturally conceived babies in terms of birth defects and later mental development. So the intended parents can rest assured.

  Doing IVF cycle in Thailand is not women’s own business. Men should also get involved. If men insist on healthy life style that is good for sperm development for a few months before IVF cycle, the success rate of IVF can be greatly improved. The above is “CEF Thailand: These requirements must be met if you want to do IVF cycle in Thailand. ” For more information, please follow us.