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how much does an IVF cycle cost in Thailand?

2020-07-08    447

  In fact, each center has its own pricing and the treatment costs vary from person to person. Factors that affect costs include the type of infertility disease, the degree of disease, age, the type and quantity of medication used, and the treatment protocol. In general, an IVF cycle in Thailand costs about 100,000 yuan..


  Detailed IVF Process in Thailand:

  1、 Frist trip: about 15 days.

  Most Thai fertility centers are flexible about treatment schedule and can arrange treatment accommodating patient’s schedule. However, we suggest patients doing the whole cycle at the Thai fertility center they work with so the doctors can have a better and consistent understanding of patients’ response to medications, based on which they can adjust the dosage of medications to ensure good result of ovary stimulation and egg retrieval.

  2、 Second trip: about 10 days.

  Thailand's assisted reproductive policy, hospital policy, target patients, treatment programs:

      1. Traditional couple, no age or physiological requirements

      2. People with fertility disorders, such as infertility, advanced age, families who have lost their only child, etc.

      3, Single people , may need egg/sperm/embryo freezing

      4. People with specific needs, such as screening genetic diseases, genetic defects, or accommodating personalized need etc.

  IVF success rate in Thailand is about 75%, which can be affected by factors including women's age, chromosomes, sperm and egg quality, intrauterine environment, mental state and medical technology, etc.

  Is it convenient to go to Thailand for IVF? Is Thailand far away?

  Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. Many cities in China have direct flights. It takes about 3 hours to reach Bangkok from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Nanning and other cities. So it is very convenient.